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Allergy Relief

What are the causes of allergies? Allergies are caused as a result of molds, pollens, dust mites or spores which tend to cause allergy inflammation or asthma. In order to deal with this issue it is important to keep cleanliness around. With our expertise and our team of trained professionals we can get your entire home dust free. We use a highly sophisticated cleaning technique & special cleaning products which ensures cleanliness of the highest grade

How do the allergens Form?

Spores, pollens, molds are naturally present in the air and their proportion increases based on the season. These items cause allergies in human beings. There are dust mites who when they discharge facial matter, release proteins which are a major source of allergy. And these dust mites are millions in numbers who stay in your air ducts, carpets, mattresses and upholstery. They feed on the human skin, bacteria and the fungi.

These dust mites have a living expectancy of 4 months and they produce waste in excess of 200 times their own body weight. Not just the facial matter, they also lay around 300 eggs thus spreading the allergies around. Consider this that the dust mites excrete & lay eggs at exactly the same place where you spend majority of your time. Same Day Restoration & Cleaning allows you to get your carpets cleaned on the very same day so that you do not suffer from any allergy and what you get is a clean house and a clean breathing space

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Facts to Deal with the issue of Allergens:

  • Vacuums will never get rid of all the facial matter and the dust mites.
  • The more the increase in the number of the dust mites, more would be the number of eggs they lay, and more would be the discharge they make putting the health of your family at risk.
  • We can get rid of around 90 percent of the allergens which are present in your homes.
  • The solution which we use for the treatment is completely environment friendly.

Allergen Treatment

The cleanup process we undertake is absolutely safe even in the indoor environment and is very effective. We use natural ingredients in our cleaners which act effectively on the proteins released by the dust mites. The hot water extraction technique which we use removes any form of allergens or pollutants from your home. We use the allergy relief solution along with the hot water extraction technique to completely rid you home of any pollutants and allergens while ensuring highest cleanliness.