Emergency Water Damage Restoration Allied Gardens, CA

Allied Gardens, San Diego

Allied Gardens

Allied Gardens, California is a 1,000-acre family neighborhood in San Diego that was developed in 1955.


Allied Gardens was named after the developers’ original business name, Allied Contractors. Today over 29,392 people call Allied Gardens, CA home. 

Things to do in Allied Gardens

Family-friendly Allied Gardens is home to many parks, schools and a community little league field. Allied Gardens Recreation Center and Allied Gardens Pool offer relaxation and recreation for the whole family.  


Allied Gardens’ small business district borders the community of Grantville.



Allied Gardens Weather

The average temperature in Allied Gardens varies from 50°F to 77°F, which makes it an ideal place to live or visit.


Spring is an ideal time to visit Allied Gardens since the city isn’t as crowded as it is in May, when tourist season begins.

Services in Allied Gardens, CA

Same Day Restoration is a restoration company in Services in Allied Gardens. We offer the following 24/7 Emergency Services: