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Area rug cleaning

We are one of the best companies when it comes to cleaning the rug. We clean all the types of rugs which covers-

  • Synthetic rugs
  • Woolen rugs
  • Woolen blends
  • Tufted rugs
  • Shag rugs

We also arrange for pickup & delivery of rugs!

You can hand us over any type of rugs be it a low cost one from the local department store to a family heirloom. We will make sure we will do a great job and give the best possible cleaning. With us, you can be ensured that your rug will look the best while its shelf life is increased.

Our rug cleaning process includes:

We perform a thorough cleaning of the rugs in your houses. Because of our quality of service and the positive reviews about us, you can call us to get your rugs cleaned in shop.

Our in-shop cleaning process for the rug includes the following:

1) Thorough vacuuming on both the sides of the rug. The quality of vacuuming is commercial grade. This vacuuming process is especially useful in case of woolen rugs. Woolen rugs are known to contain large amounts of dirt and dust. Also, the homes where pets are present, contain a lot of pollutants. Thorough vacuuming helps rid of loose dust and pollutants as much as possible.

2) We follow the process of vacuuming with Dye testing. This process help ensure the colours of the rug stay stable

3) If the rug bleeds, we put on a stabilizing agent which prevents any form of colour loss. (It should be noted that not all the rugs can be cleaned)

4) We do a thorough shampooing of the rugs to ensure a deep cleaning

5) We also make use of scrubbers and specialty rakes, if required

6) Then we flush the rugs until the water runs clear.

7) We treat fringes too with equal importance, if they are present and do not ignore any aspect of rug cleaning

8) The rug is then allowed to dry using high powered fans. The high powered fans help us accelerate the process of drying

9) We hang the rugs to prevent any kind of shrinkage which might happen as result of exposure to water

10) We thoroughly examine the rug again, to identify if it requires re-cleaning.

11) Once we are satisfied with the cleaning process, we roll the rug into a protective plastic and deliver it

Simply put, we are the best in the business when it comes to rug cleaning. We make use of best technicians who are not only experienced, but they also have an IICRC certificate. The next time you wish to get your rug cleaned, just give us a call and find out the estimate


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