Chula Vista, CA

Chula Vista, California

Chula Vista, California

The aptly named Chula Vista, CA is Spanish for “Beautiful View.” Nestled between the coastal mountains and San Diego Bay, Chula Vista, CA is the second largest city in San Diego.


Chula Vista, CA is located 7.5 miles from both the border of Mexico and downtown San Diego.

Chula Vista, CA Attractions

Tourism is one of the pillars of Chula Vista. Noteworthy attractions besides dining and shopping in the city include golf courses, The Chula Vista Nature Center, The Chula Vista Marina and the U.S. Olympic Training Center. 


Visitors to the Chula Vista Nature Center can learn about local plants, insects, birds, rays and sharks.


For those who want a more hands-on experience, sports fishing and whale watching is available at the Chula Vista Yacht Club. 

Chula Vista, California Weather

Like most of San Diego, Chula Vista, CA boasts mild winters and warm summers, which makes it an ideal place to visit or live.

Services in Chula Vista, CA

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