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Same Day Restoration can help you with keeping your facilities open, or cleaning & disinfecting the facility after any potential coronavirus exposure. Same Day uses a EPA registered disinfectant for all our cleaning efforts. We will properly spray, wipe, and clean all high touch areas, horizontal surfaces and other suspected affected areas.

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SDR would like to assure it’s customers that we are continuing to provide Essential Services to residents and businesses. These Essential Services include remediation, cleaning, sanitization, restoration and restoration repairs which promote public health, safety, welfare and operational continuity. In addition to CDC public health measures, we have added this specific guidance for your safety and that of our restoration technicians in the field:

  • Upon scheduling a potential appointment, our customer service representatives ask if anyone at the home is (1) COVID-19 positive or (2) exhibiting flu-like symptoms. If so, the service visit must be rescheduled until the home is illness free. Customer service will check back in 14 days to determine that the person(s) with coronavirus or flu-like symptoms are recovered and isolation is terminated. This is for our day to day services. Not sanitization services related to cleaning homes.
  • Our technicians will politely ask at the door if anyone is sick with COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms. If so, we will temporarily suspend the services and check back in 14 days to see if the person(s) are cleared from isolation by a healthcare provider.
  • Our employees stay home when sick or when they suspect an exposure to COVID-19. They will not return to the field until after cleared by a healthcare provider or pass established public health quarantine periods.
  • We use hand sanitizer and wear protective gloves during the entire job cycle. We wear respirators while working indoors if the home is occupied. We clean equipment frequently with alcohol wipes
  • We will defer handshaking with site contacts. We will politely decline during this temporary period of heightened precautions. We will socially distance at least 6 feet away from building occupants.
  • SDR is working remotely and telecommuting to the greatest extent possible during this period.

These essential services are provided with similar procedures to normal operations and with an additional abundance of caution. This is so that important services are maintained without compromising the health and safety of our employees or customers. Thank you for choosing Same Day Restoration.

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  • Healthcare
  • Doctors Office
  • Assisted Living
  • Schools & Universities
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Emergency Businesses

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