Living in California, you know that earthquakes are a common natural occurrence. Most of them are small tremors, however, there are a couple of earthquakes a year in California that can cause serious property damage.

The scary thing about earthquakes is that there is no way to predict when they will happen or how high of a magnitude they will be. The best thing is to stay prepared and to know what to do in the aftermath of an earthquake and its damages.

Types of Earthquake Damage

Earthquakes can cause different kinds of damage, such as the following:

Foundation Damage

This is when the foundation that supports the building has shifted, cracked, or settled due to an earthquake.

Structural Damage

This is when walls, columns, beams, and roofs break or get damaged.

This can lead to the partial or complete collapse of the building.

Cosmetic Damage

Although less serious to a building’s ability to remain standing, cosmetic damage can still be quite extensive. Cosmetic damage involves broken windows, cracked tiles, or crumbling walls.

wooden window broken by earthquake

The extent of the earthquake damage depends on many factors, like:

What Magnitude Earthquake Causes Damage?

Many use the Richter scale as a sort of earthquake damage scale. This scale helps measure the magnitude of an earthquake, and through that, determines how severe an earthquake was.

The following is how earthquakes are measured:

Non-serious & Slight Damage Magnitudes

An earthquake between a 2.5 and a 5.4 is often felt by individuals, but it rarely causes damage. If it does, it is very minor. It is estimated that there are about 500,000 earthquakes each year with a magnitude between 2.5 and 5.4.

Earthquakes between a 5.5 to a 6.0 magnitude may cause slight damage to buildings and other structures. These earthquakes are even more rare, with only about 350 happening per year.

Serious & Major Damage Magnitudes

Earthquakes with magnitude 6.1-6.9 can cause a lot of damage, particularly in populated areas.

Any earthquake over 7.0 is considered a major earthquake and results in serious, detrimental damage. There are only about 10 to 25 serious earthquakes like this per year.

Signs of Earthquake Damage

Signs of earthquake damage extend beyond what you may think is obvious. Common signs of earthquake damage include:

Less known signs include doors or windows that won’t close all the way, or water leaks that occur directly after the earthquake.

Why Homeowners Choose Same Day Damage Restoration for Earthquake Damage

Our Top-Notch Damage Restoration Process

We’ve been around for a while, and through our experience, we’ve nailed down our restoration process to one that is efficient, effective and works to provide you with the best project outcome possible.

Here is a quick recap of our restoration steps:

  1. We’ll arrive at your house promptly and on schedule. If you have contacted our emergency response team, we will arrive as quickly as we can. We are a Licensed General Contractor, so we can provide all services, from full-service restoration to reconstruction.
  2. Next, we’ll give you an estimate of how much everything will cost. If expedited services are needed, we will give you a “not to exceed” number instead of an estimate.
  3. We’ll begin restoring your property as soon as we can. We always keep an open line of communication throughout the entire timeline, so you know exactly when we’ll be done and you can use your property to the fullest once again.
  4. Finally, we will submit an invoice. This process can be done online, so everything is seamless and you don’t have to worry about physical copies of anything.

Earthquake Insurance Claim Help

Earthquake Insurance Claim Help

California residents choose us because of our ability to document and help you provide evidence to your insurance company, should you need it, if you are going to file an earthquake damage claim.

Certifications & Reputation

We’ve been in the business for several years, which has helped us create long-standing relationships with partners and garner a wide array of accolades to help us boost our expertise. California residents often give us 5 stars for our outstanding services and customer support.

How to Prepare for an Earthquake in California

Before an Earthquake

During an Earthquake

After an Earthquake

earthquake tsunami sign

Once you are safe from the earthquake and the shaking has stopped for good, make sure your loved ones are safe and scan your home or business for damages.

For those looking for a reliable earthquake restoration company, call Same Day Restoration. For years, we’ve been the top choice for Southern California residents in the case of earthquake damage and necessary restoration afterwards.

Earthquake Restoration in California

To tell if your home or business has been damaged in an earthquake, look for the following signs:

California Earthquake Damage

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having damaged property because of an earthquake, call us. Contact us for 24/7 emergency services to Southern California residents in San Diego and Orange County.

We also offer restoration services for natural disasters other than earthquakes, like storms and fires.

FAQs About Earthquake Damage

What types of earthquake damage should I look for?

After an earthquake, look for foundation damage, structural damage to walls, columns, beams, and roofs, and cosmetic damage like broken windows, cracked tiles, and crumbling walls.

How can I prepare for an earthquake in California?

To prepare for an earthquake, practice the drop, cover, and hold on method, make an emergency plan with your family, create a supply kit with essentials, and secure heavy items in your home to prevent them from toppling over.

What should I do after an earthquake?

After an earthquake, be prepared for aftershocks, check your home for damages, and ensure your family’s safety. If you find any damage, especially to the structure or utilities, contact a professional restoration service immediately.