Escondido, CA

Escondido, CA: One of San Diego County’s Oldest Cities

Escondido, CA is one San Diego County’s oldest cities. Escondido is just 11.5 miles from the ocean and approximately 30 miles from both the Mexican border and Downtown San Diego. The City of Escondido, CA sits on top of a valley surrounded by rugged hills. 


Escondido is Spanish for “hidden”. Sources disagree about whether this meaning refers to hidden water or hidden treasure, but visitors to Escondido, CA are sure to enjoy both.

Escondido Attractions

Escondido, CA is well-known for Dixon Lake, where visitors can enjoy camping, fishing and the annual Trout Derby. Picnickers should beware of Dixon Lake’s infamous raccoons, who feast on litter and can be aggressive when they want food. 


Hikers can enjoy the scenic trails at Mount Woodson Trail and Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve. Leashed dogs are welcome at both hiking trails. 


Locals and visitors with children are sure to appreciate the hands-on exhibits at the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum.


People of all ages will love Queen Califia’s Magical Circle, a one-of-a-kind sculpture garden with a free standing “snake wall” (Reminiscent of the sandworms in the movie BeetleJuice) that is a must-see.

Services in Escondido, CA

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