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Tile Cleaning

When we talk about tiles, we clean all the types of tiles, whether they are natural, man-made; used on counter tops or showers, we cover them all! When do the following types of cleaning on surfaces and materials:

  • Travertine cleaning
  • Marble cleaning
  • Limestone cleaning
  • Slate cleaning
  • Ceramic cleaning
  • Granite cleaning
  • Porcelain cleaning
  • Saltillo cleaning
  • Mexican Tile cleaning
  • Pavers cleaning

When it comes to regular maintenance, nothing beats tile surface flooring. These tiles are not only easy to clean, but they are easy to maintain as well and hence many homes are removing carpeting and replacing with wood, ceramic, porcelain or some natural stone like the marble or travertine. While over-the-counter cleaning tools like mops and sweepers do a great job in maintaining the cleanliness and the overall appearance of the tiles, they cannot remove the difficult stains that appear on flooring. Over the years, mildew, mold, and debris get trapped in the pores of the tiles and grout lines. This especially holds true infrequently used areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Hence it is important to get the tiles professionally cleaned to ensure complete cleanliness.Regular mopping is good for removal of soft stains, but over a period of time, the grime and dirt tends to build up on tile and grout which cannot be removed using a simple mop. A similar thing happens in showers: soap scum buildup that does not come off, no matter how hard you scrub.

Our skilled technicians will ensure that your tiles are absolutely clean. We will restore any lost shine that might have happened using the modern and newest techniques and effective cleaning products.Our technicians are highly skilled in cleaning your tile and grout with proven techniques and highly efficient equipment and cleaning products. We’ll restore the cleanliness and shine to your tile floors, countertops, and showers.

How to differentiate between a natural stone and a man-made tile?

The simplest way to differentiate between the two sets of tiles is their cost. The cost of natural stones tiles (slate, marble, travertine etc.) is quite high as compared to man-made ones (ceramic, porcelain etc.). Another point of differentiation between the two sets is their feel. A man made tile is smooth and non-porous whereas natural stone tile is rough and porous. If you are still confused and do not know what type of tile it is, you need not fret. Our technicians are highly trained and they would know the difference between the two and they would do the cleaning accordingly.

How often should the tile flooring be professionally cleaned?
The answer to this question directly depends on the factors like-

  • The place where the tile is located (a kitchen floor or a bathroom is used more than other places and hence would need to be serviced more frequently.)
  • Whether the tile or the grout has been sealed properly
  • Whether there are any pets in the house
  • The total number of people living in the house
Ideally, the tiles should be cleaned and sealed once a year if they lie in those areas which are heavily used. In case of areas which are not that heavily used, you can get the cleaning done every 1.5 years. If the tiles or grout are not sealed, it is recommended that the area be cleaned every six months to prevent the growth of mildew.
How long should I keep off my tiles before I can start using them again?
When it comes to tile cleaning our technicians apply a sealant to ensure that the water, oil and dirt do not seep in. As a result of this, it is recommended that you not use areas where tiles are located for at least for an hour to ensure the sealant has propely dried. If water enters prior to thorough drying the sealant will not be effective.

Process for cleaning tile

When it comes to cleaning tile, the first thing we do is ensure protection of the surroundings and the furniture. Prior to cleaning we place corner guards, drop clothes and tape off cabinetry and appliances. Second, we do a thorough inspection of the flooring. We look for the problems which might arise and then obtain your approval to proceed with necessary cleaning needed. Third, we put up some alkaline or acidic solution depending on the tile type and coiling condition. This alkaline or acidic substance breaks up the dirt and grime which may be present in the pores along with those present in the grout. Fourth, we thoroughly scrub all the grout lines using the floor machines or by hand (if the area is small). We detail the edges using a grout brush to ensure proper agitation. Fifth, a state-of-art tile tool is attached to a high powered truck mounted system which blasts away the remaining grime and dirt. Finally, we apply a grout or a tile sealant which will keep the oil, liquid and dirt from seeping into the tile and grout. This cleaning will extend the life of your tile and grout.

We specialize in the process of Saltillo tile cleaning and sealing and are equipped to do stripping and recoating. Saltillo tile, which is also known as Mexican pavers or a terra cotta tile is a naturally available stone which is known for its beautiful texture and unique rustic look. Saltillo tile easily absorbs liquids, oil and dirt as it is very porous, if not sealed properly. Our methods, clean and seal not only indoor tiles but also outdoor tiles keeping them looking beautiful, bright and clean.

What do I do if I spill wine or other acidic liquid on my natural stone tile?

Clean any spillage as soon as possible. If the flooring is sealed, technicians will come and clean the surface and apply new sealant. If the flooring was not properly sealed, the tile would be buffed and polished to remove the stain. If you have any issue, simply give us a call and we will take care of all your needs, right from simple cleaning and sealing, to buffing and polishing.

Do I apply sealant post cleaning?
When it comes to a natural stone, applying the sealant is highly recommended. The sealant not only keeps the natural stone clean, but since it is porous, the sealant helps keep the stains at bay. When it comes to the man-made tiles, the sealant preserves the cleanliness of the grout lines while protecting them from debris, foods and liquids. With sealant in place, you can delay the next set of cleanup by a certain extent.

The reason why the sealant is so important is because it makes the stone practically waterproof. This sealant acts as a protective layer for the stone which prolongs the life of the tile and the grout ensuring that the surface remains stain free.
Can you clean or remove the grout haze seen in my new tile?
When a tile is newly installed, sometimes the installer may leave a haze which is difficult to remove. However, it is not impossible to remove this haze. It can be removed if the correct products are used along with agitation and power washing.


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