Apartment Ceiling Leak

The convenience of apartment living is great until your upstairs neighbor’s bathtub overflows into your unit. Water damage can happen to anyone, even renters.

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Apartment Water Damage

Whether you’re dealing with a leaky appliance or a burst pipe, there are certain steps you should take when dealing with apartment water damage. Keep reading to find out what the most common causes of apartment leaks are and who is responsible for them.


What Causes Apartment Leaks?

Water can leak from just about anywhere, especially in an apartment complex or multiple-dwelling household. Plumbing systems are extensive in apartment buildings, so if your upstairs neighbor experiences a leak, there’s a high chance you’ll experience it too. 

Common Apartment Leak Causes

  • Ceiling LeaksCeiling leaks are often traced back to issues in the apartment above, such as overflowing tubs or burst pipes.
  • Appliance Leaks – Aging or malfunctioning appliances can lead to leaks. Your lease agreement typically outlines responsibilities for appliance replacement.
  • Burst Pipes – Clogs and cold weather often cause pipes to burst. Landlords should be responsible for routine pipe maintenance to prevent such incidents.


What Should I Do When My Ceiling Is Leaking?

When water leaks into your apartment from the unit above, it’s best to act fast.

1. Talk To Your Neighbor

Talking to your neighbor about a leak can be awkward, but trust us, it’s best to notify them. In some cases, your neighbor might not know they have a leak in their unit. Let them know your ceiling is dripping directly underneath their unit and don’t forget to swap information.

2. Contact the Property Manager or Landlord

Contact your property manager or landlord once you’ve talked to your neighbor. Explain where the leak is coming from and describe the damages to your apartment. They may be able to help you or your neighbor stop the leak until a professional arrives.

3. Take Photos

Before you start cleaning, take photos of everything. This includes the area of the leak and your damaged belongings. Documenting the leak and your losses will only help you when reaching out to your renter’s insurance. The property management company or landlord may also find the photos useful.

4. Clean What You Can

Place buckets underneath the leak and mop up any standing water if you can. Move furniture and other belongings out of the way and replace the buckets as they fill up. You can get a head start on the drying process by opening up your windows and turning on fans. 

5. Call Your Renter’s Insurance

There are times when water damage may not be covered by the building’s insurance. In cases like this, it’s smart to contact your renter’s insurance. Get in touch with your insurance company and they’ll reach out to the other parties as needed.

6. Contact Same Day Restoration

Now it’s time to bring in a professional. Same Day Restoration offers same-day services for renters in the areas of San Diego and Orange County. A water damage restoration company will use industrial-strength drying equipment to dry your unit and make the necessary structural repairs.

Who Is Responsible for an Apartment Ceiling Leak?

Now you’re probably wondering who is responsible for handling the damages. In most cases, water damage falls under the responsibility of the property manager—but there are instances when responsibility falls on the tenant.

Landlord Responsibilities

It’s usually up to the landlord or property manager to maintain units and keep the plumbing system in good condition. Their insurance should cover the cost of cleanup, repairs, and restoration.

Tenant Responsibilities

If the leak is dripping from your neighbor’s unit, it’s up to them to deal with the damages. That being said, not all renters have renters insurance. At the end of the day, you should still contact your insurance.

water damage on ceiling that is causing peeling

Should I Call a Professional Water Damage Restoration Company?

The best thing you can do following an apartment leak is to contact a professional water damage restoration company. Same Day Restoration works around the clock providing emergency repairs and restoration service throughout Southern California. Don’t delay your apartment’s restoration; let’s clean up your unit today.

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