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Restoration Services in Chula Vista

Fire, water, and mold hold one thing in common—they can all wreak havoc on your home or business. At Same Day Restoration, we offer full-service restoration in Chula Vista.

Water Damage Restoration in Chula Vista

Ruptured pipes, slab leaks, overflows, and natural disasters can all flood your property, potentially causing permanent water damage. If left unchecked, the damage can spread, produce mold and mildew, and weaken structural integrity. The longer you wait, the more it may cost to repair and restore. Don’t hesitate to contact us any time, any day. 

When a water disaster strikes your residential or commercial property, you can rely on Same Day Restoration for 24/7 emergency services. Give us a call at (858) 905-5711 when you are dealing with any type of water damage. 

Chula Vista Flood Restoration

Chula Vista Fire Damage Restoration

A fire can spark for any number of reasons, including faulty wiring, candles, overheated appliances, and more. And what the fire doesn’t damage, the smoky odor it leaves behind usually will. After a fire damages your property, call us at (858) 905-5711 immediately. 

We’ll get the process started with an inspection and begin boarding up exposed areas. Then we’ll salvage what we can from the property and begin cleaning and deodorizing. Once that’s complete, our team will repair and restore your property to its pre-loss condition. With Same Day Restoration at your service, your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Chula Vista Mold Removal

Mold isn’t just hard to look at; it can be a hazard to your indoor environment. Excess indoor humidity and flooding can both produce mold growth, especially if left unchecked. Once mold gets on a surface, it doesn’t take long for it to spread. 

You can usually spot mold’s green, black, or white color on drywall, wood flooring, sub-floors, baseboards, and more. Small bits of mold or mildew can usually be handled on your own. But if you’re unsure or unequipped to handle larger growths, you can trust our team to clean it up. If you’re noticing mold or mildew growth in your home or business, call us at (858) 905-5711 for mold removal

Call Your Local Restoration Company 

Water, fire, and mold damage can all put extra stress on you; the last thing you’d want to do is handle cleanup and repairs on your own. Attempting to do it yourself could end up worsening the damage or may put you in harm’s way. That’s why you should go with a professional water damage restoration company in Chula Vista. 

Same Day Restoration provides 24/7 emergency services. As soon as you call our team, they’ll be on their way in 60 minutes. Our goal is to get you back in your home or business as quickly and safely as possible. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with choosing us; we 100% guarantee it.

Residents and business owners in Chula Vista can call Same Day Restoration at (858) 905-5711 any time, any day. 

Choose Same Day Restoration for Chula Vista Water Damage

Same Day Restoration goes above and beyond to help you in your time of need. We offer fixed pricing for all of our restoration service levels, so that YOU can pick whichever service best suits your needs. Trust us to repair your water damage, no matter how severe.