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Imperial Beach Water Damage

Water damage in Imperial Beach is something that every homeowner or business owner should take seriously. Not only can water damage cause destruction to your property and valued possessions, but it can also expose you to mold very quickly.

If you’re someone who is currently dealing with the aftermath of water damage in Imperial Beach, our trained technicians are here for you with our top-quality residential and commercial water repair services.

Water Damage Point Loma

We will start by inspecting your home to determine the severity of the damage and come up with a repair plan that works for you. After this, we will provide property damage and stabilization to deter mold growth. We will also sanitize and deodorize your salvageable belongings and keep them in a temporary dry, designated area.

Finally, we will remove any remaining water damage and moisture from your property and reconstruct if necessary.

We currently offer restoration for floods, sewage cleanup, water restoration, water extraction, water damage repair, wood floor water damage, and crawl space water damage.

You can guarantee that all of our services will be delivered with the utmost care, professionalism, and integrity.

Imperial Beach Smoke Damage Restoration

If your property has undergone damage from a fire, the problem may not be over yet. Smoke damage can affect your property for a long period of time, and it is practically impossible to tackle the problem on your own.

When it comes to smoke damage, many factors play a role in the severity of the damage. Examples include the temperature of the fire, the location of the fire, and fuel materials. Once your contractors inspect and determine what type of smoke damage has occurred, they will be able to properly provide you with the right restoration plan. 

Here are the types of smoke damage you may notice following a fire.

  • Dry Smoke
  • Wet Smoke
  • Protein Residue
  • Petroleum Residue

If you’re someone dealing with smoke damage, you may notice an unpleasant smokey odor throughout your home. You could also notice black residue on the walls, ceilings, and other areas of your home.

Same Day Damage Restoration in Imperial Beach offers 24/7 emergency smoke damage restoration services. Our team will come in and take care of the problem first-hand. We will use smoke deodorizing sprays and solutions along with thermal fogging, misting, hydroxyl radicals, ozone machines, air scrubbers, air movers, and dehumidifiers.

We will also use special cleaning products to remove remnants of soot from your walls, finished and unfinished wood, textiles, and plastic.

Imperial Beach Restoration

Mold Removal Imperial Beach

Did you know that mold growth will start in only 24-48 hours following water damage? Mold isn’t something you can take of yourself and requires professional mold removal specialists like our team at Same Day Damage Restoration.

Removing mold will keep it from spreading into other areas of your home and prevent you from the harmful effects that come from prolonged mold exposure. This includes allergies, respiratory issues, and even lung disease.

Don’t know if you have mold in your home? Even if you are unsure, it should always be a priority to have your home inspected for mold in the event of water damage. Once it is confirmed that there is mold present in your home, you can then get in contact with our specialists to get to the root of the problem.

Same Day Restoration will communicate directly with your insurance company to make this process smooth sailing.


Same Day Damage Restoration

If you need water damage, smoke damage, or mold growth in Imperial Beach, Same Day Restoration is dedicated to 100% satisfaction.

Our licensed contractors understand that catastrophes can be unpredictable. That’s why our mission is to provide you with timely services and 24/7 communication.

After receiving a free estimate and inspection of your damage, we will come up with the perfect plan that fits your needs. We are also insurance-approved, saving you money on your damages.

Hire a trusted contractor from us today by giving us a call at (866) 265-4607 or contact us online with any other questions or concerns.

Choose Same Day Restoration for Imperial Beach Water Damage Restoration

Same Day Restoration goes above and beyond to help you in your time of need. We offer fixed pricing for all of our restoration service levels, so that YOU can pick whichever service best suits your needs. Trust us to repair your water damage, no matter how severe.