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If the bathroom flood is occurring in your own home, get a professional restoration company on the phone immediately.

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Bathroom Leak

Floods can turn your bathroom into a nightmare. From a leak under the bathroom sink to a full-blown toilet flood, water can severely damage your bathroom and destroy your peace of mind—but not for long. Thanks to Same Day Restoration, our crew can clean up floods of all sizes in a matter of hours. That being said, let’s look at the three most common causes of bathroom floods and how a professional restoration company can clean it up.


3 Common Causes of Bathroom Leak 

Bathroom leaks happen to the best of us. After all, bathrooms are an incredibly wet area, and a lot can go wrong if your fixtures are broken. Below are some of the most common causes of bathroom leaks and floods. 

Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues are by far one of the most common causes of bathroom leaks. Burst pipes, frozen pipes, or excessive water pressure can lead to leaks in your bathroom. Even a sudden temperature change can cause pipes to burst, while high water pressure can strain the plumbing system. This can cause bursts to happen, subsequently leading to floods.

Clogged Toilets

Has your toilet overflowed after trying to flush several times? Stop what you’re doing and call Same Day Restoration. Clogged toilets and floods are common problems we fix routinely. Everything from excessive toilet paper to non-flushable items can lead to toilet clogs and floods, so it’s important to be mindful of what you’re flushing to prevent water from backing up.

Sink and Tub Drain Problems

Sink and tubs are notorious for clogging fast. Accumulated hair, soap scum, and even foreign objects can clog sink and tub drains. Of course, this can cause water to back up and flood the bathroom, especially if you forget to turn the faucet off. Make sure you’re regularly cleaning your drains and use a hair catcher when showering to prevent clogs.


Bathroom Floor Water Damage 

Stepping into a waterlogged bathroom is enough to cause anyone to panic. Whether you have a leak on your hands or standing water on your bathroom floor, water damage will happen if you’re not acting fast. Anything from mold and mildew to wood rot and structural damage can result out of a bathroom floor. 

Check out the types of water damage we handle at Same Day Restoration:

Floor Water Damage 

If you have a pond in your bathroom, a call to Same Day Restoration is in order. Standing water can seep into your flooring, causing it to warp, swell, or become discolored. Prolonged water exposure can weaken the floor, leading to rot, mold, and damaged tiles.

Water Leaking From Shower

Bathroom Ceiling Leak

Have a bathroom above your unit and you noticed a water leak in ceiling in below bathroom? Whatever the case may be, ceiling water damage is dangerous and can lead to a full ceiling collapse.

If you live in an apartment and there’s a water leak in the ceiling below your neighbor’s bathroom, contact your landlord or property manager as well as inform the tenant. If the bathroom flood is occurring in your own home, get a professional restoration company on the phone immediately.

Wall Water Damage

A flood may not be visible right away, but after a while, things like peeling paint or musty smells will show up. The most common reason for wall water damage is a leaky or burst pipe; so if you notice changes in your wall’s appearance or spot sacks of water forming on the drywall, contact Same Day Restoration. Showers can also leak behind walls. If wall water damage is left unaddressed for too long, things like mold growth and structural damage may ensue. 

What To Do If You Flood Your Bathroom & How To Clean It

1. Turn Off Water Supply

Once you discover a leak, your first step is to shut the water supply off. Do this as soon as you notice the leak or flood to stop any more water from flowing into the affected area.

2. Turn Off Electricity

Next, be sure to turn off your electricity. You don’t want the flood and your electrical components to mix, otherwise you could be dealing with a flood and an electrical fire.

3. Call a Restoration Specialist

The best thing you can do during a flood is to call a restoration company. The specialists at Same Day Restoration work around the clock to handle your flooding emergencies. We’ll be on your property in less than an hour to start the water removal and restoration process.

4. Remove Water

We recommend you remove as much water as you can before we arrive. However, only do this if the water isn’t contaminated. If the water is from a used toilet and contains sewage, vacate the area until a professional arrives.

Prevent Mold After Bathroom Flood

Mold can grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours after a bathroom flood. The best way to prevent harmful mold from growing in your home is to call a restoration specialist immediately. We have crews working 24/7 to help you restore your bathroom to its original condition and prevent mold from leaving any traces.

Book a Same Day Bathroom Flood Repair 

Bathroom floods can’t wait another business day. That’s why Same Day Restoration offers emergency services, no matter what day it is. Get your bathroom flood cleaned, cleared, and fixed now with the help of our experienced restoration crews.

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