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Expert Crawl Space Mold Removal Services

Did you know that mold can grow as early as 48-72 hours after crawl space water damage occurs? Chances are high that if you find crawl space water damage, you will need crawl space mold removal services. Same Day Restoration answers your call, day or night, to prevent pollutants and irritants from spreading. Our mold removal experts know exactly what to look for to protect the health of you and your family.

Our crawl space mold removal experts respond in record time with 24/7 emergency services.  As an IICRC-certified crawl space mold removal company, you can trust that our technicians utilize the most advanced equipment, methods, and strategies to safely eliminate all signs of mold.

If you suspect you might have mold in your crawl space, or have recently had crawl space water damage, call Same Day Restoration immediately. We arrive quickly on site to assess the crawl space mold damage. Then, we provide you with an estimate based on the extent of the damages. Call today to schedule your FREE inspection!

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The Crawl Space Mold Removal Process

Mold in crawl spaces is almost always caused by high moisture and humidity. As moisture easily forms in confined areas, crawl spaces are a rampant breeding ground for mold. Even still, the mold removal from the crawl space process will depend upon the cause of the mold. 

For instance, cracks in the foundation often cause leaks in the perimeter wall which leads to mold growth. Other causes of crawl space mold damage include condensation issues, flooding, and plumbing problems. 

Once the leak has been stopped or the crack sealed, Same Day begins the process of mold removal from the crawl space. After setting up containment, our technicians perform HEPA vacuuming, spraying the mold spores to kill them, and scrubbing of the wood.

No matter the cause or extent of the crawl space mold damage, Same Day Restoration completely addresses the problem to eliminate mold and prevent its future growth. 

Same Day Restoration crawl space mold removal services me! Mold removal in San Diego County and Orange County.  

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How to Prevent Mold in Crawl Space

Crawl space mold removal remediation

The best way to treat mold in your crawl space is to avoid it entirely! While you may not visit your crawl space often, it serves your home and your health to check the conditions beneath your property periodically. If you’re wondering how to prevent crawl space mold damage, we’ve compiled a few tips:

  • Maintain a Dry Crawl Space – Regularly inspect your crawl space for moisture and seepage. Immediately extract any standing water. It may be worth investing in dehumidifiers to dry up any moisture.
  • Remove Debris – Plants, insects, and other animals that enter your crawl space create byproducts that lead to opportunities for mold growth. During your inspection, remove any debris.
  • Avoid Using the Crawl Space for Storage – Of course, you don’t want mold in your crawl space. However, you also don’t want mold to destroy your belongings. Avoid using the crawl space for storage as mold can overtake any organic, porous compound in its path.
By giving a few minutes of attention to your crawl space at regular intervals, you can avoid the need for crawl space mold removal services and mold damage repairs.