Water Damage Carpet Cleaning

Wet carpet can lead to mold, mildew, and structural issues beyond your floors.

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Carpet Water Damage

Has your home been affected by a flood or water leak, leaving your carpet soaked and damaged? Regardless of what caused your water damage, water-logged carpets call for fast action. Keep reading to learn about wet carpets and what you can do to prevent major damage.

Can My Carpet Be Saved After a Flood?

You’re probably wondering whether your carpet can be salvaged or if it needs replacement. The answer depends on the severity of your water damage. For example, a few spills won’t have the same effects as a large flood or leak. 

The category of water is another factor to consider. Clean water from a burst pipe is more salvageable than contaminated water from sewage or external sources. Contact Same Day Restoration to get a professional pair of eyes on your situation.

How Long Can Carpet Stay Wet?

The longer the water sits, the higher the chance of structural damage and mold growth. Act as soon as you notice wet areas on your carpet by contacting the pros at Same Day Restoration. Our team will arrive on your property in less than an hour to start the cleanup process.

How To Dry Wet Carpet

Assess the Type of Flood Damage

Take a look at the damage, and try to pinpoint the source of the water. Water that has soaked the carpet may be contaminated, so don’t touch anything without the proper protection. Be sure to wear protective gloves and eyewear.

Consider a Pro for Carpet Cleaning

If the water damage is extensive, you can’t tackle the cleanup alone. Cleaning up water-damaged carpets may lead to future issues, like mold and mildew. That’s because moisture may be trapped in areas you can’t feel or see. Contact Same Day Restoration for same-day assistance.

Remove the Water

Remove as much water as you can by utilizing a wet/dry vacuum. When using a wet/dry vacuum, it’s best to go slow. You don’t want to rush this step. If you don’t have a wet/dry vacuum, you should employ the help of a professional at Same Day Restoration. 

Dry the Room

Create as much airflow as possible. You can do this by opening the windows, turning on the fans, and using a dehumidifier or two. Lowering the humidity level helps dry the carpet faster.

Dry the Carpet

This step and the step mentioned above go hand-in-hand. The drier the room is, the better chance your carpet will have of drying out. However, if your carpet is sopping wet after the use of fans and dehumidifiers, then you need to give a professional a ring.

Replace Carpet Padding

Chances are, the water has soaked through to your carpet’s padding. Saturated carpet padding is a breeding ground for mold. Ensure that you are replacing your carpet padding during this process. Call us if you need any help.

Clean and Deodorize

Once the carpet padding has been replaced, you’ll want to steam clean. Steam cleaning the carpet removes harmful toxins and deodorizes it. This step ensures that any mold spores are removed, squandering any chance of mold growth.

When Should You Hire a Pro for Carpet Cleaning After a Flood?

While it’s possible to tackle minor water damage on your own, certain situations call for professional expertise. You should hire a professional carpet cleaning service if the water damage is extensive, the water is contaminated, or you have any doubts.

Call Same Day Restoration for Water Damage Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are a great addition to any home but can quickly turn into a disaster if faced with a leak or flood. Get the help you need with Same Day Restoration’s emergency water damage restoration services. We dispatch IICRC-certified technicians to tackle your carpet damage and restore your living space to its former glory. Contact us for fast services today.

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