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Grow House Cleaning Service

With the cannabis industry reaching new heights every month, every marijuana business wants a taste of success in a highly profitablemarket. While there are amazing benefits to starting your grow house, it does come with its fair share of disadvantages.

marijuana grow house cleanup

Cleaning Up Your Marijuana Grow House Today

Damage to a Marijuana Grow House

A marijuana grow house is very susceptible to all sorts of wear and tear. Due to the specific growing conditions of marijuana, the resulting damage to your grow plant can be very significant. Here are some of the problems that can occur in a marijuana grow house.

Growth of Toxic Mold

One of the first problems that come with a marijuana grow house is the toxic level of mold growth. Due to the sharp increase in both humidity and moisture, your property could be subject to increased levels of mold. This can be very dangerous to your health, as well as other members of your family.

Toxic Chemical Residue

Since all marijuana plants require some form of pesticide, fertilizer, or solvent, spills or residue is unavoidable. Spills or residue can be very dangerous, especially due to the toxic smell and vapors that they produce. They can also erode any surface they are on, which makes it especially important for you to get it cleaned.

Dangerous Odors from Plants and Chemicals

Marijuana plants and the chemicals that you use on them can put off nauseating odors. But since all of these chemicals are essential to the growth of the plants, you cannot get rid of them. Instead, you can take precautions to reduce the smell of these chemicals and plants.

Risks to A Grow House

Grow houses can be subject to a lot of damage at the cost of marijuana plants. This damage can be very serious and long-lasting. In fact, ignoring most of the problems that we stated above will only get worse with time due to the underlying conditions of the marijuana grow house. The mold and spores that grow due to the increased humidity and moisture will only grow faster since marijuana plants require higher levels of moisture to grow properly.

Other types of damage can include breaches in the foundation, cracked structures, and stains on the floor. Grow houses are also very susceptible to fires, due to custom wiring and very hot grow lamps. This equipment is not just a threat to the grow house but to other houses in its vicinity.

How to Solve Your grow house Problems

Grow houses will undergo damage throughout their tenure; it is only natural. However, you can fix this damage with the help of professional clean up services specifically designed to help keep your marijuana grow house clean and safe. Here is how most professional cleaning services help grow houses with their cleaning problems:

Eliminating Spores and Mold from Your home

The first major way that a professional cleaning service can help you is removing mold and spores in your home. Since an increase in moisture and humidity are inevitable, so is the presence of mold and spores in your home. Luckily though, professional cleaning services can help you get rid of spores easily.

Finding and Repairing Damage to the Structures

Professional cleanup crews are also able to find any problems in your house’s structure, along with any damage to your house’s foundation. But other than finding issues with your grow house, they can also fix and repair these issues easily. Issues like cracks in the foundation or holes due to custom electrical wiring.

Cleaning the Ventilation System

Another serious concern that comes with every growth house is the ventilation system, which transfers all of the toxic gasses and air throughout and outside the property. They will be able to clean and disinfect your entire ventilation system, which should make it safer for you and other workers inside the grow house.

What Same Day Restoration Can Offer

Your grow house needs a proper cleanup, and we can help you with that. We offer some of the best professional cleaning services dedicated to marijuana grow houses. Other than the above-mentioned services, we also offer decontamination of the entire property as well as replacing floorboards, insulation, and drywall that may have been damaged due to marijuana growth.

In conclusion, you should be sure to address issues that arise in your grow house. Problems will naturally occur, and you can solve them with our professional cleanup team. Call us today!