Why would I need a fire restoration company if I haven’t suffered from a fire?

A chimney puff back occurs when a fireplace pushes its smoke back into your interior rooms instead of appropriately exhausting through the flu. There are many causes and degrees of chimney puff backs. Within seconds your home can become doused in oily soot that carries high amounts of carcinogens which leave you in a very filthy and dangerous environment.

Causes of Puff Backs:

A puff back will leave the entire interior of your home covered in greasy soot and usually black residue. The soot from the puff back will affect your walls, light fixtures, kitchen appliances, cabinetry, carpets and flooring, appliances, blinds and drapes, personal items and clothing, upholstery, and all other decorations and furniture inside of your home will be left with residue and film on the surface. These items will be discolored and smell very badly. These issues require professionals and Same Day Restoration is your local resource to remedy all fire damage.

Your home’s air quality will be compromised and depending on the extent of the damage the smoke will cause headaches and nausea and put you and your families’ health at risk. Same Day Restoration is San Diego’s local expert when it comes to all forms of fire damage and restoration.

Can I clean a Chimney Puff Back myself or do I need a fire damage clean-up professional?

This is a job that must be left to the professionals. Rolling up your sleeves and cleaning your home with chemical sponges, ammonia, distilled vinegar, and baking soda is not going to cut it for puff back-related smoke and soot damage. There are many health risks that you should not be exposed to in a soot and smoke-damaged environment and traditional cleaning protocols are simply not enough.

Trying to handle the damage on your own makes it worse and may also create issues with your insurance provider and any potential claims depending on the severity of the smoke and soot damage. Let Same Day Restoration guide you through your home restoration project. We are here for you in this difficult situation and will navigate the restoration process together.

How do fire damage clean-up techniques work on Chimney Puff Backs?

Same Day Restoration does not just restore your property aesthetically. Our trained professionals offer thorough smoke deodorization with professional-grade sprays and cleaning solutions. These methods effectively deodorize the property to allow you to breathe easily and restore your home to pre-loss condition. Our restoration technicians will also clean all affected furniture and appliances either on-site or off-site depending on the severity of the damage.

We are San Diego’s experts when it comes to dry smoke damage, wet smoke damage, protein residue treatment, and petroleum residue treatment.

About Same Day Restoration

Same Day Restoration has 15 years’ experience handling home restoration projects of all sizes. We are your local restoration contractor that has the experience, manpower, and state-of-the-art equipment to remedy any dirty disaster you are dealing with. We cover all fire damage restoration, water damage and restoration, mold remediation, and all necessary home construction and remodeling required to bring your home back to pre-loss condition.