Hiring a Fire Restoration Company after House Fire Damage

The aftermath of a fire is not something you want to experience. The smell of smoke can linger for weeks, the damage done by flame and water can be devastating, and the process of repairing it all is often more time-consuming than we would like. But even if your home has suffered from extensive fire damage, there are ways to deal with it so that life in your house isn’t totally disrupted.  The following article will provide information on what to do if you’ve experienced this issue and how to get help from those who know best.

What is the Fire Damage Restoration Process?

Fire damage restoration is basically the process of repairing and restoring your house to its pre-fire condition. This includes removing smoke and water from the structure, cleaning furniture and other contents, and making any structural repairs that were damaged by the fire in order to make it safe for habitation again. The benefits of hiring a professional fire damage restoration company include:

Speed – A professional fire damage restoration company will be able to clean up the space more quickly than you can, so your house will be livable again more rapidly. 

Training/Experience – Most fire damage restoration companies have special training and experience in this type of work, meaning the process will be completed more competently and with less chance for damage to your items or property.

Peace of Mind – If you are going to spend money on professional help, it is worth hiring someone who knows what they are doing. This means that your valuables will be handled with care and the work will be completed as quickly as possible so you can get back to a normal life in your home again.

Pricing -While fire damage restoration companies can seem expensive, prices are often calculated by how long it takes for the job to be completed and how much damage was done. This means that pricing can vary widely depending on severity of the fire damage .

Insurance – If you do have insurance for this sort of thing, call them right away so that they can get the process started right away. They will be able to tell you if they will cover damages and fire damage restoration, how much you are allowed to spend, and if you need to hire a professional cleaning company to fix the mess.

I Have House Fire Damage, What’s Next?

First thing is to call someone who knows what they’re doing, either a fire damage restoration company or your insurance company.

An estimate of the damage should be made as soon as possible after the event. This can help provide an idea of how long the repairs will take and your insurance company will most likely want to hire a fire damage restoration company to get it done.

The next thing you should do is let your family members know what has happened. Some people will be able to help you move valuables out of the damaged area or stay with you at a nearby motel. Others will be happy to help you clean and prepare for repairs.

If your home was damaged by fire, you will probably want to stay with a friend or family member while things are being repaired. This is especially true for homes that have been very badly damaged. The smoke and smell will take some getting used to, but if the damage isn’t too extensive you will be able to move back in after a few days or so depending on your insurance company’s timeframe. The cleanup process will involve getting rid of all the damaged items and replacing them with new ones as needed. Cleaning up the smoke smell will be a task that is best handled by professionals if your home was badly damaged. Again, this type of work should be done by trained professionals who know how to clean up smoke and fire damage.

Determining the Extent of Fire Damage 

Any homeowner or landlord whose property has been damaged by fire should evaluate the damage to determine the extent of repair prior to filing a claim.

Casual Inspection – The first thing you should do is take a look around at your belongings and decide if they are beyond repair or can be cleaned up to make them usable again.

This will help you to determine if it is worth filing a claim with your insurance company. If the damage is limited to one area of the house, then you may not need to hire a professional fire restoration service. The smoke smell alone can cause respiratory problems, so it might be best to just replace or clean heavily damaged items yourself rather than risk breathing in smoke particles.

The Professional Approach – If you do decide to hire a professional fire damage restoration company, they will inspect the damages and determine what can be cleaned up and salvaged or if it needs to be replaced altogether. A professional company will also assess which items are responsible for causing the fire in the first place so that they can be repaired or replaced.

The Smell Inspection – If you have a lot of smoke smell, then it is best to call in an expert fire damage restoration company to inspect the damages and determine how long they will take to repair. This is also something that your insurance company will want before they agree to pay for any cleaning or repairs.

Common Mistakes After House Fire Damage

Not Hiring an Expert Professional Cleaning Company 

If your home has been damaged by fire and smoke, then it is always best to have the clean-up done by a professional cleaning company. Every day people don’t know how to clean up after a damaging fire properly. It takes specialized equipment and training to effectively clean up smoke damage and odors.

Picking the Wrong Restoration Company

Some companies will do a quick cleanup, but they won’t hire professionals to eliminate the smoke smell. This can be very dangerous and cause breathing problems for anyone who spends time in a space that was damaged by fire.

Not Taking Photos

Don’t forget to take photos of your furniture, artwork or anything else that you think might be helpful to your insurance adjuster. Some people feel ashamed and don’t want to talk to anyone about what happened, but this is a mistake because it can lead to misunderstandings when trying to get things repaired or replaced.

You have the Right to Demand Quality Work 

If you are having trouble with contractors, then you may want to contact your insurance company or a local consumer protection agency for help. If you feel that someone has taken advantage of you, then you should call the police and have them investigated

Don’t Do it Yourself 

Using unapproved cleaners or doing work that doesn’t meet fire restoration codes can be very dangerous. You could end up breathing in toxic fumes or cause more smoke damage.

Fire Damage

House Fire damage is one of those things that people never want to have happen, but if it does you need to know how to best move forward. Many people will feel overwhelmed and not know what to do. Our goal is to give you the basic steps that you need to take after a fire occurs so that you can start on your path towards recovery as soon as possible.