Signs of Water Damage in Home

When dealing with any type of water leak it is always safer, easier, and quicker to call a licensed water damage expert. Same Day Damage Restoration is San Diego’s leading authority on water damage restoration.

Undetected water leaks cause serious damage to your home and if left unaddressed, may quickly compromise your home’s value and overall livability. Any amount of water leakage brings a variety of problems such as mold, wood rot, and compromised air quality unhealthy for anyone exposed.

Slow leaks are not easily detectable like floods, but there will be signs and plenty of clues that we want to share with you to keep your eyes peeled for.

The Smell

Leaks tend to cause persistent musty odors like wet cardboard or newspaper.  This is an indicator that requires further diagnosis. 


Anywhere you see mold whether it is near an obvious leak or a not so obvious area, it is a major cause for concern.

Growing Stains or Soft Spots in Walls

Leaky pipes are a breeding ground for mold growth behind the wall that permeates through to the other side. A huge indicator of a plumbing problem.

Peeling wallpaper

Noticeable paint damage is a sign the sheetrock it is sitting on is damp from a leak behind the wall.

Sheetrock Warping

This is a sure-fire sign of a slow water leak. Sheetrock wicks up excess moisture and starts to warp.

Sagging Ceilings and Discolored Flooring

This can be an indicator that there are structural problems from damp sheetrock that are affecting the framing of the home, flooring, and ceilings.

Another pro tip to diagnose any water leaks is to turn off all appliances and faucets and go check your water meter. Give it 2-3 hours and check again to measure the difference in water usage. Any variation from the original number is a huge indicator you need to give us a call.

Water Damage Contractor Can Restore Your Home

Same Day Restoration is here with the solutions to remedy and repair any residential water damage.

  • Let our licensed and certified technicians spearhead the project
  • We offer state-of-the-art advanced repairs and restoration techniques
  • Rest assured all mold removal and remediation will be taken care of
  • Let our qualified office staff and project managers aid you in facilitating insurance claims and paperwork

Whatever the symptom or issue you have, Same Day Damage Restoration is here to partner with you and solve your issues step by step. We are here to guide you through your water damage project and ensure the welfare of your home and family. If you think you are at risk in any way call us today for a free estimate and same-day service.  We will diagnose and remedy your issues together.

Same Day Damage Restoration is San Diego’s authority and go-to experts when it comes to water damage and restoration from small leaks behind your wall to full-blown house flooding.